I Am

Have you ever wanted to do something and there is nothing or nobody that can stop you from doing it? Well, that’s what happened to me, and that’s how my little studio was born in the laundry room of my house, in a foreign country in the middle of the countryside.

Since I was a child I have loved clay and l have enjoyed shaping it, but life took me down other paths and I had to stifle my desire. I took it up again on some occasions but… there was always a but and I couldn’t go on. Until the day l said “Now or never” and l bought professional air-drying day and modelling tools, since that day, l have not stopped, every day is a learning process, because it is not enough with the desire, you need knowledge, practice and perseverance, nothing comes out at the first time, a thousand failures accompany me but each of them have made me learn something new and improve.

All this effort, together with my desire and passion have made my work come to life and I can show it with pride and humility to the public.

l like my sculptures to speak, I don’t look for perfection in them but to transmit an emotion, a reaction, the tattoos that they carry are part of the idea that I want to transmit, extensions that give them more strength and personality.

I like the nude, sensuality, eroticism, it is part of our daily life, why hide it?

I discovered ceramics by chance, looking for techniques to use in my sculptures, and so little by little I was deepening in ceramics, until I learned enough to be able to make my own creations and decorate them as I like.

In short, this is me, a dreamer, who decided to leave her past behind to do something that she carried inside her and that was crying out to see the light. i thank life for this opportunity, I thank all those who supported me and believed in me, to the clients who with their trust have given me the opportunity to show my art and make my dream come true.

Welcome to Eva G. Estudio, let the magic continue.

Eva Arciniega García